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Thread: Wierd Dreams [E]

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    Unhappy Wierd Dreams [E]

    Have you ever had a weird dream…one that spooked you…probably made you laugh…or couldn’t even put a name to your dream? Well of course you have . I had one…well many, all dreams are trivial and yet hold as meaning. You always dream…sometimes you can’t remember them or think that you didn’t dream at all, really you did dream. Here is one of my dreams that I can recall.

    A friend of mine (Whom I call Aiysha) and I were at a supermarket shopping for food. We’re both strolling down an aisle with the metal carriage, when suddenly my ex-boyfriend( Whom I all Vash) passes by us. Aiysha had noticed, but I did not and then she made me aware of his presence.

    “Hey isn’t that Vash?” Aiysha said angrily.

    I was about to speak, but before I could speak one syllable, I felt a slightly muscular arm wrap around my small waist. It was that idiotic Vash.

    “Hey long time no see, Carol!” Vash said in his hickish accent.

    Suddenly I realized Aiysha was at the other end of the aisle and I felt scared. I told him to leave me alone, but he wouldn’t. Then my dream skipped, it was now a rainy night and I was standing in the rain. Then Vash passed by like a ghost. Even though his body wasn’t there, I could feel his eyes… watching my every move…so scary and I awoke feeling scared.
    Ok here are the facts: Aiysha and I both hate Vash with a passion. Plus I don’t want him in my life…not even looking at me. I interpreted my dream…since I took psychology. Meeting him meant that I would encounter him, when I would be with Aiysha. The fact that I felt scared, meant that I didn’t want him in my life or sight, but I knew that he wouldn’t let it be. The rain represented the sadness inside of me, but not with him. I never felt sad….I always felt angry with him. His eyes that were watching me meant that whenever he had a chance, he would follow me. Well guess what…I saw him this Monday, when Aiysha and I were walking back from school lunch. Aiysha spoke the same exact words in my dream as well as Vash( Except the arm thing). The thing is I haven’t seen him since last February…how ironic is that…déj* vu.
    That was one of my many dreams. So tell me what’s your weird dream? Don’t be afraid.

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    Sorry, but I'm going to have to close this thread for violating the "three threads per day" rule.

    In addition, we've recently had a thread about people's dreams.
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