OK I figured I would post this because I have been asked "how did you get your Task bar for XP to look like you have it in your screenshots" Well to clerify this for you. There are many programs that will allow you to do this. There are also Programs called Shell Replacement Programs that will give your PC a completely different look from the Windows Standards. I bet the ME,98,95 people are wondering if they can do this too. Well you can skin your task bar and make it look like an XP task bar some of you my have heard the term WindowBlinds. This program can be used on 95,98,ME and XP. This will give your task bar a really cool skin look. it comes with a few preset skins.

For those MAC wanna be PC users. There is alos a cool addon from the same creators of Windoblinds Called ObjectDock. This addon for windows allows you to have the mack like dock on your PC. the dock acts like your taskbar listing open programs and even allowing you to put your mostly used programs in the dock for easy access.

XP Users There is a program for you that works just like windo blinds but in my experience better StyleXP. With this program you can change Visual styles, Wallpapers, Boot Screens, Login Screens, and Exlporer Icons all in one program.

OK Seeing as I have listed the Task Bar skinning and another taskbar alternitive. I will now talk about System Stafs on your Desktop.

The creators of StyleXP has come out with Spiderbar (click on styleXPlink to find) This is a fully customizible addon for you PC. you can list news Email Computer Stats such as HDD space, CPU useage and Memory useage. Really neat program.

Shell Replacement means that you get rid of the general Windows look for something more unwindows like. There are a few programs for this that I know of but there is only one off the top of my head I can think of is called LightStep. This will remove your windows taskbar and make a linux style enveronment I haven't really used it if anyone knows the link let me know and I will add it in.

Well if you have any questions feel free to post them here in this topic Myself or someone that knows about your question can help you out. I will leave you with a few skinning sites for some of the stuff I have discussed

WinCustomize Here is where you can find skins for Windowblinds and more addons for the Stardock programs.

ThemeXP.org WARNING Be carful when running an install from this site it has ad ware in the Install files be sure to take your time installing the skins.
This is for StyleXP.