I hate this stupid life that I lead,
It takes every single ounce of strength outta me.
I can take the pain or the despair,
Can you my pain not see?

I hate this more than anything in this world,
More than the haters, hypocrites, liars and cheats.
I hate not getting the only thing I ask for now,
The only thing that will make my life complete.

I want love more than I want to walk,
More than I want to speak or hear or see.
All I want to know is that there is a warm heart,
Ready to be there for a good guy like me.

I have been broken so long I expect the worst,
So that it doesn’t take me down so hard.
I hate being alone in this room I’m in,
But no friends want me around.

I go out every weekend to have fun,
I enter wanting something, but leave broken instead.
Never it seems will I find the one I’m looking for,
Probably because my love is already dead.

How in this world can there be such hate,
I never could understand the meaning.
I mean I am nice to every person I talk to,
But it seems that other have no feeling.

Every girl I have liked this year,
Has never been seen again by my own two eyes.
I start to wonder if the world would soon be barren,
Because my two eyes kill all the women inside.

I guess I must go on, for I cannot commit suicide.
Still for this I cannott be ammended.
For all the pain I have been through leaves me,
I keeps my heart's wounds unmended....................By: Justin McCormick (K‘ Heart)