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-Gallery-do not post work that you did not YOURSELF create. That means dont take a wall you found tinker with it and post it as your own or just straight post something you found. If you didn't create it in photoshop or another program or draw it freehand DO NOT UPLOAD IT! Doing so is not only disrespectful it will get you banned.
Do this include the anime walls that the anime itself was not created by the person whom submitted it ?, it does not specify,

all though if you made those who submitted partially created anime walls (The BG and extract) stop that and you would loose alot of contributors.

but since you closed the "No credit to the original artist" thread I couldnt bring this to question (Not even gonna start a new thread becouse lapuk would blow).

Yeah you got it...I got a problem with those who submit anime walls who didnt create the anime itself (and the mentality of "I dont have the time to create full walls, but I do have the time to create the 'extracted anime walls', and I cant draw anime and never will have the skill to do so"), "Its easier to give up than persist".

Personally I dont think they should stop with the partial walls but they should state who the artist is, all though some do state "All images belong to there original owners", so who are they ? do they even know who the original artist are.

Oh yeah..The community member is 500 posts right, so does that mean I gotta get another 400 to enter the mascot contest?. this worrys me alot becouse Im offline at the end of for some weeks.

sorry...Am I complaining too much ?, feel free to tell me to shut up and go away.
Im just about basicly to tell him if he dosen't like it don't goto the gallery type thing