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Thread: Written' and wondering

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    Written' and wondering

    Hi there all, it's me again. Well I guess I'll just get right down to it. I'm working on an anime story of my own. It's ten years in the making and the stories good sure, sure, but the big question that is haunting me as i'm preparing to query this thing is the format.
    Before I started my little project most of my reading material was big screen movies, and "how to write a screenplay" books. Lots of good information, but I'm dipping my toes into an entirly different genra...This was something that had not occured to me until just as of late. So now I am faced with this dilema. The more and more anime scripts i read, the more and more I'm thinking I've formated improperly. I based my format off of a big screen screenplay style, and I don't know if it is eceptable in the anime world. Do they even make american anime's?
    Anyways, anyone, and everyone I am open for suggestions, commen's and of course critisicm. So do drop a line and give me input no matter what it may be.
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    this should go into fanfics


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