The year I need to end,
still drags me down further the close it gets.
Tensions build up inside of me,
And so my anguish just arrived again and now it sits.
So what can I say about this year that was good,
That I find to be the bright point in all of this.
That bright point was finding AO,
And well, that seems to be it!
My life has been a roller coaster ride,
And not a pleasant one at that.
But now I just want this year to end,
Because I want my life back.
Robbed of a childhood,
Robbed of a dream like most.
But was hurts the worst of all these things,
Is that I have nothing on that I can boast.
All I can do is write stories,
Make up characters or even Draw.
But most of you probably don’t think,
That I am any good at all.
Well, whether you hate me,
Love me, despise me, or ignore me.
I’m here and I will not go away,
My writing keeps me going.
Oh well a friend in me you have,
Like many of you may care.
And though down in mental plague I may be,
When your friends leave you too then you’ll know I’m also there.

By Justin McCormick (K‘ Heart)