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Thread: Your Hero

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    Your Hero

    Hello everyone,
    Whom would you consider to be your hero? And why? As for me, I would consider mainly my mom and dad to be my greatest heroes. Reason being, there work so hard and sacrifice to help raise me, my little sis, and my big sis and also for trying to provide us with a smooth life. I also consider great people like mother Teresa, freedom fighters, and most importantly soldiers as great heroes in a whole sense.
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    Re: Your Hero

    THIS is my hero

    go Jesus!

    alright, seriously...
    I guess my friends are my heroes
    because of them, I'm still here
    I was going to kill myself a couple months ago
    but I didn't... because of them
    they inspired me to live on this world a little longer
    happy days
    good times
    my emo self is almost completely gone
    good, cuz I've always hated that bastard

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    I love my girlfriend.

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    Re: Your Hero

    My great aunt who passed away a few months ago. She was my hero. She was born into a time where she knew she had to be strong. She still held that strength and passed it onto her family. I'm proud to say I have her strength.
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