It seems so short a time
Since I first held you in my arms
Your tiny face still red from birth
Never had I felt my heart squeeze so

You were so perfect
Your bright blue eyes taking me in,
Your tiny fingers curled around mine

How quickly you grew
Into a small cherub version of your father
Your sweet blond curls, my legacy
Never had I seen so pure a beauty

You were the sunshine in hard times
Your sweet smile able to wash away the pain
It was the only thing that could in those days

Oh, how I miss that smile

It took such a long time,
To see your rosy cheeks fade
Your bright eyes dim

So long I denied it
Yet you slowly wasted away before my eyes
How could you, my perfect child, be fading
When I needed you most

I had to watch as your body withered
And your soul slip away day by day
I blamed myself for being so blind
I could have gotten you help
I could have…

The memories are so painful
I dimly remember them placing you in your wooden cradle
Yet I remember clearly the rain
It was as if the angels shared my sorrow

Many years have passed
And though my wounds are healing
They have not yet closed
Just the thought of your sweet smile, your golden curls
Can bring fresh tears to my eyes
((Sorry for not posting the rest, but my poem is not yet done… Please forgive me))