I thought as a start to the New Year, we’d start off by appreciating those who have contributed to our gallery here on AO.

~AO Gallery Features~

How this will work, is that you, the members of AO PM me some one who you think deserves to be featured & why. It can be anyone who:
  • A particular work - a signature, wallpaper, art etc
  • Has shown great improvement in their work
  • Comments regularly & provides awesome feedback
  • Contributes through the gallery by uploading resources (high quality scans, renders etc)
  • Or has made a great tutorial.

I will not feature every member who is suggested to me; instead I will only feature two people and if this proves popular & activity in the gallery picks up it will become a monthly tradition (and may even occur on the general boards as well).

So if you think you know someone who has contributed to the gallery, PM me with the name of the member & why you are suggesting them. I will only accepted those who PM suggestions to me & with the reason why. Failure to do so will get your suggestion ignored.

I will make an announcement with the first featured members during the first week of February. Until then, get your suggestions in & have a great new year ^___^