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Thread: FIXED - Double Posting Bug - Read thread for details

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    FIXED - Double Posting Bug - Read thread for details

    Right now the staff is aware of a bug where if you use the quick reply feature just after logging in can lead to a double post.

    If this happens, just report the post and a staff member will delete it for you.

    Do not post another time apologizing for it, just report it.
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    re: FIXED - Double Posting Bug - Read thread for details

    it seems your right about the double posting i simply do the post reply button better then just logging in quickly and posting thats not my style of posting anyways you said about logging in and replying to a post quickly does that trigger the double post right there?

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    re: FIXED - Double Posting Bug - Read thread for details

    The double posting issue has hopefully been resolved. Please PM me if anyone is still experiencing this issue.

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