Currently at AO we have a forum dedicated to trading and exchange of items for non-profit purposes. This forum really doesn't work well, so I implemented a new trading place called "FleaMarket" (the name I chose), which can be used for profit or whatever members want it for (as long as it's legal).

FleaMarket works the same way as the Reviews and Gallery.
  • Members can upload ads with images
  • Set the duration of ads
  • Bid on other's ads.
  • Offer for sale ads and auction type ads
  • Wanted ads
  • Rating system similar to eBay
It can be used in a much neater way than the current Trading Forum. Furthermore, clan members and staff have the ability to bold and italicize their ads.

Also be sure to read the FleaMarket Terms of Use. The old Trading Post forum will be archived shortly and no more posts can be be made to it.

Thanks and I hope members can make good use of the new FleaMarket.