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Thread: Gallery Issues

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    Gallery Issues

    Hello everyone. As many of you know we have been having some Gallery issues over the past few weeks/month. The AO server had been attacked (we experienced the same denial of service attacks that have plagued things like Twitter and the White House servers over the past months) and the site went down for a few hours last week. When the site when down we had to reload the site from saved copies and at that time the gallery script we use began to fail. After countless hours racking our brains we think that we have solved the gallery issue.

    Please give it a test and upload some images, signatures, fanart, etc and let me know if you are seeing any issues. PM me if the gallery is not cooperating to that I can continue to troubleshoot it. I just tested it out and it worked so I am hoping we are back to operational again.


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    Re: Gallery Issues

    Here that people: Send a private message... Don't post your problems here...

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