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Thread: New AO Member Journals

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    As we are building a new Member Journal section for AO, I am hoping to sign up a few members for the beta version so that they can begin to use the service as we improve its feature set. If anyone is interested in having a journal available to them please click: Anime Journal

    I really encourage all of you to sign up for a journal during the beta phase. The more people we have using the system the more feedback we will receive and the better we can make the service. We will be holding a sweepstakes in the new Journal's section in March so check in there for more details as they unfold.


    Thanks for those that have already signed up for the beta test of our AO Journals feature. We are still looking for more to join.

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    Re: New AO Member Journals

    i just signed up cant wait till i get started using it

    i tried loging in and got this message after signing up.

    ERROR: Incorrect password. Lost your password?
    ERROR: Cookies are blocked or not supported by your browser. You must enable cookies to use WordPress.

    i have E8 do i need another browser?

    it works fine now not sure what happend
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