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Thread: Personal Profile Visitor Messages: The Do's and Don'ts

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    Personal Profile Visitor Messages: The Do's and Don'ts

    After dealing with a minor spat between members, it has come to the staff's attention that a lot of not so nice behaviour has been going on in the visitor messages section of some member’s profiles.

    This is not acceptable behaviour and needs to stop. Just because they are part of your personal profile, does not mean that they are exempt from forum rules.

    The visitor message system in your profile is publicly accessible and viewable to any and all persons who view this website, and as such, they do a part to represent the community as a whole, and behaviour and reputation of our members is our greatest asset we have in attracting new members.

    All it takes is one example of inappropriate behaviour to turn a prospective member off returning to the website, so needless to say, this is something that we would like to avoid.

    If you have an issue with another member, you are always encouraged to do one of two things: Report it to a staff member or take it off the board (Instant messaging, email. That being said, keep in mind that harassing someone is also not allowed, and will be dealt with).

    And as always, if you see something that you feel is in conflict with the site's rules, please use the report function, and a staff member will take care of it as soon as it is possible to do so.

    The sites rules can be read here: Rules / FAQ
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