It's good to see many members contributing to the Reviews section. Many thanks for this. Just a reminder though that we are after your opinions mainly. Do not merely retell the plot / story or game objective. Below is cut and pasted from the Reviews FAQ:

  • Do not steal a review from another website! If you are found stealing then you may be banned up to 2 days. Excessive theft may have you banned permanently from Anime Reviews or from the main forums.
  • Do not write just about the story. It's your opinions that we are after.
  • Tell the reader why they should or shouldn't watch an anime etc. Only touch on the plot briefly and then go onto talking about sound, graphics, entertainment value, plot twist, ending and so on.
  • Do not ask questions in your comments. The Reviews Section is a critique, not a discussion forum.
When submitting a NEW Review:
  • Plan to write around 300 words or more.
  • Feel free to upload images for your review. If you don't, the staff will then upload complimenting images.
When commenting on an EXISTING Review:
  • Must contain at least 1 full sentence and YOUR OPINIONS. Anything less will result in your comment being deleted.
  • Rationalise your answers. If you think the plot is "cool", then explain why!

I will personally PM members shortly after going thru recent reviews if they need editing.

Thank you.