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    Some new Profile Rules

    This is to keep you safe and us safe from lawsuits and other stupid stuff.

    High Security Risk To You
    • DO NOT post your full mailing address. (Especially the female members and underage women of the board - this is a good way for a pedophiles that could be acting as a member of the site to find you and do bad things to you). This is a BIG no no. Members we find doing this in their profile will be edited by a staff member.
    • DO NOT post a phone number unless it's a cell phone. This is another way someone can find where you live.
    • DO NOT give out any private info in the blogs or in the profile that is very dangerous to you.
    The Rules
    • No hentai images allowed in profile. If found your profile, it will be locked down and you will not be able to access it.
    • No hatred videos. You are allowed to post videos in your profile BUT nothing relating to racial bashing such as KKK or any other racist organizations.
    • NO POSTING LICENSED ANIME! This is also a big no no. You can post clips of a licensed anime, but thats it.

    To keep you all safe from bad people, remember to follow the rules and DON'T post any private content about yourself EVER. Just a bit of commonsense, that's all.
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