@ SK : Yeah, I figured watching and reading too much of the stuff played a major part in this whole... deja vu, fantasy thing. It's even gone to the extent where in my eyes, my surroundings look like they're hand-drawn and coloured... ^^;;

When you say get out, do you mean get out of the real world, or out of my fabricated world? In a sense, daydreams are a form of escapism - and I've never thought about leaving the world in my head, because it's there that I am able to do all the things I was never allowed or given the chance to do in real life... I am the same person, with the same personality and the same dreams, but in my mind I am living them. Not just thinking about them.

LoL. The way I see it, real life has plenty of restrictions, whereas a comic book is not bound by anything. You can write about anything you like, go the whole hog and create unimaginable scenes, and you wouldn't have to worry about too much because... well, it's all fictitious, you see. ^^;;

I think, fifty years from now, if I don't get a star in LA, I'll be in some asylum way out in the boondocks.