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Thread: If you could make One character....

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    If you could make One character....

    If you could make one character...For any existing anime or soon to be released anime. Who would it be? Here’s an example of mine.

    Anime: Naruto
    Name: Hiteru Egura
    Race: Human/Demon
    Age: 17
    Eye Color: Brown (Yellow with electric symbols when using Lightening Eye)(Yellow with electric symbols and narrowed iris when gone demon)
    Hair Color: Brown with light yellow highlights.
    With his family killed by a Ninja Raid on the village, he had no where to go. While on the brink of dying in the forest he makes a deal with a wolf demon. ”Let me Live, I will give you anything,” the demon asked for, “To escape the attacks made against him”. The demon has total control when Hiteru is about to die. One time when the demon had control destroyed a whole fortress in anger Hiteru knows nothing of this. Hiteru Has one wish, find out who killed his family and make them pays.
    Anime Specific:
    Village: Village Hidden In the Clouds
    Style (‘s): Aikido,Bujinkan,Lightening Fist(All real styles)
    Ultimate Technique: Demon Death Strike (Basically it’s like Naruto when he goes demon and attacks. The difference is when Hiteru disappears and attacks with a fist full of energy and blows the opponent into shreds)
    Blood Traits: Lightening Eye (Controls all types of energy at will)
    Clan: Egura Clan (A.K.A Shadow Clan) (1of 3 last members He does not know of this yet)
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    Re: If you could make One character....

    I'd just make an entirely new anime series out of a story concept I've got in suspended animation in my head. One of the several floating in my head, rather.

    Which to choose.

    Okay. Sure.

    This one would basically be a two part short about some unnamed boy assassin and Reiikou. I know I've always been an advocate of hate and violence, especially in the form of assassination (even though assassins kill purely for business,) but this story would be a bit different.

    The beginning deals with the two as kids, maybe ten or eleven. This part is basically a young love/tragic separation generic type story.

    In the second portion, to put it breifly, this boy is dragged across some unnamed land on assassination assignments, killing one person after another, and picking up these little bits of information about his last assignment's location.

    But, when he finally figures out where his 'hit' is, he finds not an old guy, or some psychopathic criminal, but Rou (Reiikou), and the story endswith their kiss.

    It's kind of a cute story, I think. But it's also kind of derranged in that, Rou leads the boy around killing innocent people (their innocence would be cleverly concealed, but still stated in the story) just so she could see him again.

    But, playing along, if I had to stick Rou in any random series, I think she'd be most comfortable in Shinigami no Ballad. She wouldn't be very comfortable, but, the most comfortable of any series I could think of. At least you could be a cute Shinigami, like Momo, Rou!

    P.S. Rou is a character in a few stories and shorts that I have in my head, so that's why you might hear me speak of her in some other context.
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    Re: If you could make One character....

    Anime: Fist of the north star
    Name: Genki No Ken
    Race: human/spirit
    Age: 200
    While protecting his family and friend's he was killed by a man who he thought
    was a trust worthy friend because he was a north star student this student
    kiled him and everyone he loved and went on to dominate with out any resisance
    from anyone. His hatred for the north star student kept him from passing on
    keeping him here on this plane of existence. he soul now corrupted by hatred
    he posses other student's that are southern star's trying to kill every north
    star student and master he come's across.
    Anime Specific:
    Village: a village hidden behind a water fall
    Style (‘s) sothern cross pressure point style,wounded tiger style
    Ultimate Technique: southern cross with one touch to the main artery
    your blood vessels clot expanding your body like a balloon till you explode
    leaving you inside's all over the ground.
    Blood Traits: any body he posses he picks up there traits once he leaves the
    body he no longer has the traits of the body he was in.
    Clan: Southern Cross
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    I'll be the one to protect you from a will to survive and a voice of reason
    I'll be the one to protect you from your enemies and your choices son
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