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Thread: Interesting People of AO

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    Re: Interesting People of AO

    Quote Originally Posted by Hokuro
    O_O .........& Muffin-chan has great taste in sports, she looks lovely in cosplays.^_0

    How was that?^_0 lol

    @Reese- I guess I'm gonna have to kill Lock, aren't I? lol J/K
    Better! *nods*

    I've met too many people... @.@ I need to update my list again...

    °Siggy by the wonderful Zaraki Kenpachi°

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    Re: Interesting People of AO

    Update ~

    ^ Muffin : Is very active in the chat forums. Is just a pleasure to talk to... I'd like to get to know her a little more.

    Sora the king of dreams / Flare : They amuse me with thier hideous grammatical/spelling errors. hahahaha!!! Jokes homes. You guys are... well, entertaining. Cheers mate. lol. ^^  8199
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    Re: Interesting People of AO

    Kedar - don't take what I am about to say in a wrong way, but Kedar is EFFING hot and sweet. >o(>.^)> damn, you are too sexy hun!!! You make me wanna release myself. Okay kids are here, check your pm hun!!!

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    Re: Interesting People of AO

    Quote Originally Posted by Hold.Me.X.Thrill.Me
    Here is my new and improved list! ^^ I never got how something could be both though...anyways this is everyone!! Unless I forgot some...if so, I am really sorry ^^''

    *Mayura* - One of the first people to PM me, she is also very nice ^^

    *Innocent Anime Angel* - The only one I know offline here!! Made me come to this site...But never comes online now...

    Abu Dhabi - Has such a cutie sig! And likes my avi ^^'' Is very FUN to

    Aya-Kun - Wants bigger boobs. hahahahahahahha

    - Posts some wise stuff, and has a very nice sig and avatar

    Blade - Is another Englander... there is not enough of us! < Ace guy!

    BrightShadow - He is my Panda!! ^^

    Cerebrum - Reminds me of the car 'brum' hahaha

    Creesco - Its just that avi...its so cool...I could look at it all day..

    Dark. - Well he is definatly interesting..

    Dark Raven - Booted me off to his pinky site XD Is very groovy

    Elie - I talk to her on MSN...just recently found out who she was on here! XD

    Equinn - Is a very nice person, and alsways changes her sig!

    Exoparadapsyphobia - Makes my spelling look bad with his name >.< <<I like reading this guys posts

    Fighter - He needs more members in his fanclub!! Have a lookie at his pictures!! Your jaw would drop! XD

    Gundragon - Is a awesome person to chat to, and likes rock music...not Fall out Boy >.<

    Hassun - I can't help but notice how great and... painful this lady is XD

    Hiei - Nice person, will help you with your problems ^^

    HolderOfTheDarkChalice - Has a longer nickname than me!! But I remembered! I think...XD

    Innerhell - I just notice his posts ^^ And his avi is cool too!

    JustLoseIt - Is Auntie Banana!! Is also very fun to post with ^^

    Kedar - Ia a sweetie pumpkin, who everone adores XD

    Ketaro - Everyone forgot him! Aww Comments of my poetry too!

    King of fashion - Now how can I forget this awesome dude? He was the first EVER to notice me, Thankers!

    Lock - So amusing XD Posted his piccy so now I have an equation Lock = Sexay! XD

    LostDemon - Is really cool!! And has strange Naruto dreams o.O hehe j/k Is one cool lady :P

    Mahiru - Is always here... is hyper... is fun... is great... so many words to describe her!

    MFG - Is always chilling in the Truth thread! Such a kickass gal!

    Michiru - Is one of the best artists here!! And lives in Kedars hair? o.O Okie dokie..

    Mistress Isis - Is cool... and nice... ^^'' hehe

    Mr.Gone - Seemed nice enough! ^^ Used to be stuck in the gallery XD

    Mr.K - My drama sister! ^^ Steals my panda!! >.< Is sooo popular :P

    Nightfox - a.k.a Mr/Ms Butterfly!! < Is soo cool hehe

    Nioko - I never saw someone cry that much... must be a super fan of Kedar..

    Nympho - Always says 'throw me' instead of 'thrill me' Is very awesome. XD

    Piggy - Is awesome!! But is a slacker XD I will call you soon :P And suprise you!

    Rave Grip - Is taken by K!! hehe Likes to go on invisble XD And always comments my poems!

    - Posts very interesting things... I think she hangs out in the gallery now! She is very funny!

    RCP - Is adorable!! Aww and so young! hehe

    Sasurai - Is the saucy girl who makes the lushest sigs and is fun to chat with ^^

    Sazzy - Is such a 'lush' Englander!! Very nice person!

    Setsuna - Is picky! XD j/k Is a nice guy to chat with, very cool!

    Shinku - Reminds me of penguins. Is an awesome friend!!

    Shizuka - How kind can one person get? Extremely kind proves Shizuka! :P

    Mr. Soshi - Very strange. Reminds me of... God ^^'' Don't let it get to your head!

    Toxic Hobo - Will always post in the Truth thread with me, and loves Pete Wentz!! < Watches porn! j/k j/k

    People i'd like to get to know:

    Bassdudez - Everyone knows him 'cept me! Must live in opposite times..

    Bloodhalk - Again, everyone knows. I think I may of spoken to him before though ^^''

    CheifBlackHammer - Seems like a cool guy..
    Atomic Muffin - I don't know why the Muffin Lady wasn't on my list before.. Anywhoo, she is so awesome!! And funny ^^

    TY Sasurai for the lovely sig!*

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    Re: Interesting People of AO

    nice list yup they're all interesting

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    Re: Interesting People of AO

    sazzy would like to know better-

    Sora the king of dreams - he seems really cool and is a skater....BONUS

    Hokuro - once i get his name right - so so so so so sorry about that please forgive sazzy-kins!! But he seems cool and is a skater too, another BONUS!!!

    Aya-kun - she seems like fun!!! would be cool to have a laugh with her sometime!!

    Jaderabbit - would be cool to get to know the man behind all the Greatest wallpapers!!

    Shu - he seems really nice and cool to talk to!!
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    Re: Interesting People of AO

    Here's my new list

    Vincent_the_Victorious - Sweet guy and lot's of fun 2 talk 2 Always love talking 2 him
    Reese-My best gal pal on here.She's awesome,funny and soooo much fun 2 talk 2
    Cerebrum-Nice,understanding,easy 2 talk 2
    Sayuri_the_Geisha-Funny but a little messed up lol j/k she's a dear friend
    CherryBlossom18-Easy 2 talk 2 about alot of things.And I have lot's of fun when get 2 chat
    JustLoseIt-Very funny and sweet.And all around nice
    White_Mage88-Another gal pal of mine. Always fun 2 talk with
    Rave_Grip-Sweet,funny,all around nice guy He's kinda like a big brother 2 me even though i'm older lol (werid huh lol)
    Mahiru-Very very funny Sweet,hyper lol And always love talking 2 her
    Kedar-We can't forget Kedar now can we lol He's really sweet,kind and very understanding.It's always a pleasure 2 talk with him when I can.
    Shinku no Kage-Awesome person.Makes the most awesome siggys
    Shizun-She's really sweet and funny Don't get 2 talk 2 her much though lol
    Kira_17-She's a bit new here,but she's a old friend of mine....who's just as crazy as me lol
    Nioko-Very sweet and kind Love chatin with her when I can
    Makai_dark-A new friend of mine. She's really sweet.
    daltwilliams-A bit strange at times but he's still sweet. lol

    Well that's my list new update for now
    Made by- Ryomakurosaki (Thank you sooooo much!!) ^__^

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    Re: Interesting People of AO

    I do wanna get to know you too! Didn't you notice your name in my pending list? It'll no longer be there!!! I must talk more with you!!!!!!!! XD

    current list of interesting people:

    ryoko-chan (dont know if i added her yet) we express our love for each other by chasing each other with crowbars, baseball bat, bulldozer etc ^_^i'd like to talk more with her~

    dancy-san: we hardly talk but she is interesting. she makes userbars for some of the members here. they're pretty cool! ^_^

    nympho: she knows stuffs about the human mind! ^_^

    currently wanna know: you? ^_^lll

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