ok for a while now i have also noticed some thread in th AO being closed
because there conciderd journal material , i know what your saying
Gee Holder what is jornal material ?well my friend your in luck because i will
be giving a few examples of this so you know how NOT to make journal thread's ok here we go.


lets say your day has been going good then it hits you hey
why not let everyone talk about (insert personal info here) so they can comment on it also ,well thats all good but its journal material

here what i mean as an example

JOURNAL GUY i think anime is so awesome and i even made a few drawing and i might make a few AMV's on the idea;s i had what does everyone think about this?
and what do you think is awesome about anime that make you want to
make something.

notice how it look like he is talking about anime in a way that sugest's
he has thoughts about wanting to make an amime amd then went on
to tell everyone what inspired him to make the AMV thats makes it journal material.

ok now lets see what he could have said

AO NON JOURNAL GUY: i want to talk about anime and what from's of
anime there are and how it affect your thought when making things and what is it you make?

ok that is the good way to post non journal materail anyother idea's or sugestions on this would be helpfull as this is an issue for some noobs and a few older members