Based on a game created by a user named Cat on another forum. But this is a tad different.

Welcome to the prize machine!

First user inserts anything they can think of into the prize machine. The next user tells them what prize they get! Then they insert something. The prize may be good or bad. be creative in what you put in and what you give as prizes. The prize should reflect the object inserted. It can be a opposite or just a joke if you want. But see this example.

User 1 puts in a bean.

User 2 can make a can of Buch's beans come out, a beanstalk, a cow, a fart ... something related to the bean. See?

I will start the machine up now.

*Clang whirl hmmmmmmm clang*

I insert a egg into the machine. (I wonder what will come out as my prize?)