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Thread: questionable cosply outfits

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    questionable cosply outfits

    I just come to realize something and I like to know what other people think but am a little afraid to bring this kind of thing up. I know a lot of people at conventions cosplay and its always growing but at a recent convention I saw a person wearing an outfit that I know what getting a lot of unwanted and rude attention that the person had to leave because it had gotten to far out of hand. The cosplay was from an anime more directed toward adults and even when there was nothing wrong with the outfit "normal anime high school uniform" that i saw others almost in the same fashion she got lot of hate for saying where it was form. Is it really that wrong to where a cosplay if the outfit is decent even if the anime is from an adult anime? I have decide not to use the actual terms for you should all know what am talking about here and i don't want to be ban or have any legal action taken on my part for posting this. I don't think there was anything wrong with what she was wearing and i took a picture of her at how good job she did on her outfit. So as i was saying was what she was had worn was wrong?
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    Re: questionable cosply outfits

    I wear that kind of stuff on holloween, but if she made it, and it doesn't break any school rules. She should have told them all to go shove it. I mean if you liked it. Why didn't you define her. I would have. A lot of the kids in the Anime Clud like to pull that stuff off. I help them. I think it was more like unque (sp) No one else could have bought it so they were mad. If it was a girl, and if you mean from something like Heneti. She was wrong. Everygirl knows that you can only dress like a ho, on one day of the year. HOLLOWEEN!!!!
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    Re: questionable cosply outfits

    it was from a hentai, i well not mation the name and i did defend her but few did and the staff ask her to leave because it was growing out of control, kind of cant go againest the people of the convention.


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