It's just what it says! It's the good old word of the day thread! Basically, If I see a word around that I find interesting, or hear a word that is interesting, or hear of a word, the definition of which I do not know, then I will post it here as the word of the day.

You may also contribute to the word of the day, but please PM me the word instead of just posting it. If I let you just post it, then there will be too many words for each day! ^.^

So, this is it! It's the word of the day! IT'S....

Ambivalent is an Adjective
Someone who is ambivalent is: characterized by a mixture of opposite feelings or attitudes.

For example: I like figure skating because it is very graceful and the choreography can be incredible, but I, at the same time do not like figure skating because much of it now is geared toward the triple and quadruple jumps. Therefore, I feel ambivalent about figure skating.