Sorry, I like to share my feelings.
Too bad I can't keep them to myself.
I'd love to keep my mouth shut,
but I'm sure it's not good for mental health.

1,000 apologies for opening up.
It sucks to hear you're hurt.
But if I don't make mention of you,
then why am I being dragged in the dirt?

I wish that I could make amends,
I understand how you feel.
However, you're acting irrationally;
which makes me lose my last meal.

No longer will I hold myself back.
My frustrations need to be released.
I'll continue to speak what's on my mind.
My thoughts will never cease.

No longer will I hide what I feel,
nor will I allow you to censor
my personal life, my pain, my strife;
you're not my word dispenser.