Lets across the time
Where a gold is the amount of a dime
Then a generation will surprise you
And will try to kill you

You will see them crying behin the street
And licking each other is a greet
That a plate of a soil is a food
For rich, for poor, for evil and for poor

And the reason for their astonishing proverty
Because you sealed away their liberty
Their freedom to speak and to talk
Their right to eat and to walk

Greed and corruption spread across the tide
Giving every nation the sick called pride
Then wars broke among the countries
Steping and destroying each other dignities

Let as wake before the time ends
That a whole century had already spend
Full of sorrow and pain we will give to our sons
And our species will be done

Life is so short and yet we live
Prosperity and kindness we shall give
Before the cming of the days
Of the end of anything we pay