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Thread: 3-7 of my poems

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    3-7 of my poems

    #3 Brotherly love: devin stone

    when a girl says she
    loves you like a brother
    is she saying she loves you
    but she's IN love with another?

    or is she saying she
    loves you as a friend
    and you are where her
    family love can descend?

    or does she just like
    the way those words sound
    that your her long lost brother
    that three years ago she found

    woul i have liked it more
    if she hadent said anything at all
    just as i had finished picking
    myself up once again i fall

    #4 [o]riginal by: devin stone

    i can paint my fingernails
    in the color onynx black
    but i can not stop all
    of the negative feedback

    i can write poems
    i am good at art
    but that doesn't make up
    for all the shit i start

    i can be called a poser
    i can be called a homosexuel
    but they're just angry
    because im the [o]riginal


    #5 am i by:devin stone

    am i a leader or
    am i a follower
    am i an easy bleader or
    am i invincible?

    am i cool
    am i the trouble starter
    am i a nerd
    am i a seriel killer?

    am i full of hate
    am i full of love
    when i strangeled him
    was it bearhanded or with a glove.

    #6 a nerd's tearsby: devin stone

    i see the nerd's tears
    as he confronts his fears
    then he immediantly switches gears
    and then to the bathroom he steers

    another school year begins
    and yet again he has no friends
    it is a reaccurance
    every year it happens again

    he's tired of it
    he cries and cries
    he slits his wrist
    and slowly he dies


    #7 me by:devin stone

    my soul is black
    there is no vertebre
    in my entire back
    my only job is to slay

    their is no part of life
    that is completely fair
    the only way to get around that
    is not to care

    i try to zone out
    i look at the sky
    my depression kicks in
    and i begin to cry

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    Re: 3-7 of my poems

    I love it I simply loved it!!!! I mean you combine most of your poem to make it as one!!! I just loved it!!!!! I really do wish to see more!!!
    「When I'm sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead」

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