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Thread: 6 Months

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    6 Months

    It's been 2 months longer,
    than anything before.
    And so much more joy,
    seem to be in store.

    Happiness here,
    and will forever stay.
    I'm glad that together,
    God gave us a way.

    I know that all the flowers,
    I'd ever buy you.
    Could never in this world,
    truely tell you.....

    How much love I have,
    in the recesses of me.
    Now everyday,
    my love for you they see.

    No one can fill my heart,
    with joy in this Earth.
    Even a priceless work,
    has nowhere near the worth.

    Your my everything,
    deep down inside.
    And I'm so glad,
    to call you mine.

    So this is for you,
    my loving wife to be.
    6 months and going strong.
    Our love the world to see.

    By: Your White Rose

    Far be it for me to be anything special, when the only special thing I desire with me, is the special person I share my gifts with.

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    aww honey! You're gonna make me cry. That was so beautiful! (Happy Anniversary baby) That poem was wonderful. I love you too Justin.

    Ok now for a real review, lol, the rhyming was very nice and it all flowed together well. Very great job!!!
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