This is for my gurl AAliyah whoa lmost took her life becuz of things people said to her. Girl, hope you read this.

People will always talk, that's what they do.
They will always have something to say about you.
It may not be what you want to hear, but they say it to be mean.
They are cowardly bitches who bring down self essteem.

I say "Let them talk, it only proves you are better than them anyway"
And if they try to front, send them away.
I been talked about all my life because i had what they wanted
It's a thing called jealousy because they aint me.

If a hetr has something to say
"rEPLY "This aint burger king, you can't always have it your way."
They will more than likely say something smart or get all pissed and they attitudes will start.
Just roll ya eyes and walk on bye, let out a little giggle and maybe a wink of the eye.

Of course they gonna think you crazy and probally call you a bitch.
But just reply ladies, "I am not a bicth, I am the bitch and it is MISS bitch to you.