at that moment i felt tremendously human,
bathing in the light of sorrow
yet feeling excitement at the cries and bellows
straight in my brain did i feel giddy.

exclaiming to the numberless pangs in my heart
grieving in thy selfish euphoria, so bizarre;
acting as an ocean to impede the guilt of desire,
failing sensation to abide the fire.

marking my boon slyly with a head of greens
enticing me to decorate the coffin,
hitherto fill the open space with willow-like smoke
and thence make the days shorter.

to watch the suffering of my fellow people,
did i feel in the basement of my immortal soul,
come the writhing passion of an emotion so foreign
that my brain did reel back in unfamiliarity.

so there i shall walk with shame in my pocket
and bare witness to the evil act of humanity,
yet i will feel resonate in my toes, my human ancestry
that tremendously i do feel out of myself.

i'm reading a good book right now, certainly a good book.. it makes my thoughts all poetic and dimly archaic :|

what book, you think?