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Thread: Acquiescent

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    Just a draft for my upcoming poem:

    Opening my eyes, I feel the breeze around my face
    The gentle, surreal touch of a cherub
    So satisfying, soothing, warm, silky …

    This non-existent sensation,
    The constant reminder of the veracity;
    The pleasant touch of your hand
    Will be just a hope for me

    I watch you with my clouded eyes,
    Calling out to me, cross over the
    Bridge of reality, enter the realm of your
    Desire, is what I hear …

    The acquiescent tone from your soft lips
    Smiling, your arms extended, I reach out
    For you

    Never do I want to replace you,
    Nor do I want to miss out on a
    Single moment to cherish you

    I want to hold you dear,
    Get the familiar anticipation –
    Drowsy, warm, the continuous flow of exultancy

    Yet, you seem to vanish, despite all my
    Futile efforts to bring you back,
    Your soft, illusory hand slips out

    The bridge is broken; my desirable realm has vanished;
    I feel the familiar caressing on my face once again
    This time, it’s just the wind…

    Will I ever get to love you, my sweet seraph?

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    Re: Acquiescent

    ...ohh...WOW...that's....beautiful...and sad at the same time...wow...

    Very Deeply Misunderstood

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