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Thread: the actual life

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    S.E.L - sexy etna lover Baal may be famous one day Baal may be famous one day Baal's Avatar
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    Arrow the actual life

    the actual, life
    is without, fate
    evryone doesn't care what happends
    to the rich and poor people
    and the world
    (the world)
    there people that need ur help
    and theres people that dont give
    for u or you're soul
    nature is going to ground
    trees burning
    fish dyeing
    skies arent losing there shine
    ( there shine)
    people going way from God
    just for money and power
    evrything is turning all black
    no one understands whats happening
    cuz there so far away
    theres no love around people anymore
    ( anymore)
    people kill for no reason
    cuz there confused
    and justice can't dooo
    anything about it
    cuz crimes have gone crazy
    fate is the only one that can save me

    '' one can save us all that is God''

    perdoname michelle!

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    Otaku Kaijudozero may be famous one day Kaijudozero may be famous one day
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    that was very touching!
    Emotions tend to lose their strength when put in words, So I prefer to speak only what is absolutely necessary..


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