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Thread: Adressed to the World

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    Adressed to the World

    Alright be quiet and listen up to what im sayin'
    i'm a pimp by blood, ya'll know that im not playin'
    Come at me with all you've got and i'll leave your momma cryin'
    but i don't wanna live like that i wanna stop you know im tryin'
    "Go to Church" my ghetto gospel, ya'll know Pac and B.I.G
    i'm bumpin through my hood, and Jesus walks with me
    Ya'll can't stop me from risin' so high up its heavenly
    And when i make it to the top i wont forget my brothers
    we always stick together we're real, aint like those others
    Who be turnin on each other for girls, money, and fame
    they've ****ed up their lives, lost all respect to their names
    And we don't roll like that, cause that shit is lame
    You can try and act like us, but you'll never be the same
    cuz me and my crew have played and beat the game
    so who want's to challenge the king
    the tupac of these parts
    your lyrics ain't got no heart
    you lost before you could start
    and thats what sets us apart
    my shit's toppin the charts
    this aint a skill it's an art
    so get lost man depart!

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    Re: Adressed to the World

    Aww man that is raw as hell.. That was cool. But i see that as a challenge.

    Born to rule, raised to lead, taught to establish: The African Queen

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