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Thread: Adventure

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    Never did he expect this
    "How could it happen to me?"
    He would ask himself
    His mother died when he was only 3
    And now his father is no where to be seen
    It took only hours
    To know it was time
    To leave it all behind
    And start a new life
    He took my hand
    And we went on this journey
    Everything was new
    All that was missing
    Was somewhere to go
    A goal to acheive
    A land to discover
    I walked with this person
    We ventured everywhere
    It wouldn't matter if we failed
    As long I as I was with him
    Walking side by side

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    Re: Adventure

    I'm surprised no one else has commented on this. I really liked it. Short and sweet. You know, you could make a story in poem form if you made that one longer. That would be really cool. I did that once, turned out very good. Well, I thought it was very good. Keep it up!
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    Re: Adventure

    Another ballad in the making!!! It's quite good...do better next time...

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