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Thread: Afraid of Change

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    Afraid of Change

    When night falls,
    Upon my dreary head.
    I toss and turn,
    Till sunrise.

    I dreamt of you,
    But you were no where near.
    I curl into myself,
    Wishing you were here.

    Covered in silk and satin,
    Not nearly warm enough.
    Thinking over,
    Everything I have done.

    When was it,
    That you said you cared,
    How long has it been,
    Since you said you loved me.

    I feel like I,
    Yes, I betrayed you.
    You deserve better,
    But like you, I could never forget.

    There are times,
    I cry,
    Wondering if I had taken a different path.

    Would you be happy,
    With me?
    Things would be different.

    It's a fine,
    But equally as thick of a line between us.
    What kept us apart?

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    Re: Afraid of Change

    It is nice and simple. I love how you captured love gradually slipping away.

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