Alaric Cut Down (Alaric Part I)
Against a malicious brigade fiercely fights a small rebel band.
Try as they might before night they lay dead on a small piece of land.
Fighting on strong even as their bones shatter against flail and mace.
The second in command has enemy blood all over his face.
Not knowing if his leader is alive he mercilessly hacks.
Last thing the man says is “Alaric” before cut down by an axe.
The leader does not see him now but hears a close friend yell his name.
It dulls skill but for falling into this ambush he feels such shame.
But before expiration as much as possible he will kill.
With blinding speed he hacks many enemies skull and horses heal.
Better all die here then taken, and tortured in a way most cruel.
A spear is thrown at him, one man jumps in the way and heaves, “run fool.”
On fire the leader of the order stabs and slashes his way free.
Alaric feels he ran through enough blood to fill a tiny sea.
Seizing a horse he makes for it in the direction of a large creek.
As he winds past hills and mounds arrows above and to his sides streak.
The riding pattern is erratic, his best weapon is his wit.
But as he crosses the water “Amazing Alaric” gets hit.
From a narrow mouth that once moved the masses comes a muffled scream.
His body is moved gently by what seems to be a mournful stream.

Alaric Part II (Alaric Rising)
Inside a small wooden shelter a young injured man wakes.
Desperately he tries to remember but nothing takes.
This broken man tries to stand up shortly after waking.
The young man manages to stand but his back is aching.
Looking out the rickety door he sees someone walk by.
Instinct takes over, grabs at his hip, but does not know why.
Alaric tries to hobble fast but falls onto the ground.
The man is spotted by a guy who is working around.
An old gentleman comes up and says “I head this estate.
Maybe the hardest charger but to get out you must wait.
Looks to me you fell off some hill and busted up your back.”
He asks, “What is my name, did I have effects or a pack?”
Leo Graf opens his mouth, then thinking, pauses a bit.
“No young sir, those things must have stayed on the rocks when you hit.”
“Woe to me, no articles or a proper name to say.
Just some miscreant that washed up before hitting the bay…”
He interrupts, “You live now, we care not where you have been.
As for a name we would be honored to call you by ‘Wren.’”
“Call me by it then, for helping I know you I can trust.
For debt owed you I shall work for you until I bust.”
“Hold still, you will not heal soon if you continue to fuss.
And you shall not work for us, but rather you work with us.”
Helping him back to bed Leo Graf goes back to the house.
There is a worried look on a woman’s face; Leo’s spouse.
Leo comforts her, “we can call him Wren, he will be fine with care.”
Nodding, “sweet we can call him Wren, he has his smile and hair.”
Each day becoming stronger eventually Wren healed,
And for a year, more devoted than most sons, worked the field.

Alaric III
Approaching the farm house Leo and Wren see some king’s men.
One stumbles around very drunk kicking after a hen.
In his house roaming about loudly are two of the brood.
Probably are going to town on the man’s drink and food.
One outside stands watch over the scared mother and daughter.
Little do they realize soon they will witness a slaughter.
Leo walks up and asks, “Do taxes bring you to this place.?”
With a mailed fist the old gentleman is smacked in the face.
As three come up bold Wren is rushed to jump right in.
He is held back, Leo says, “Either way we will not win.”
One of the drunks grabs the man’s daughter who is twelve years old.
Forces her to the house, so rough she is bruised by the hold.
One pushed Wren, screams as in agony, “What are you looking at?”
Muscles never forgot, in one strike the man is knocked flat.
Inside the outrageous thug is tearing off the girl’s clothes.
Thrusting her small body down, between her legs his hand goes.
From chest blood spurts and Vanessa is shrouded in red hail.
From behind through his heart with sword Alaric did impale.
With blood on skin our warrior’s memory comes back quick.
Vanessa sees in his eyes he knows he is Alaric.
At sight of the last slain to the house Leo and wife run.
“Please come to the shed with me, we have mush to tale my son.”

“You washed up here. I kept your items in a chest.” in the room they go to the rear.
Alaric recognizes them, the father still explains “it is your old war gear.”
Holding up his long-unworn shirt, through the several wholes in the fabric light flits.
Reliving the pain in his back Alaric says, “Two arrows caused these narrow slits.”
Putting a hand on his shoulder the mother says, “We knew your name, and the war you wage.
Seeing you out there I thought of our one murdered son Wren, he is your exact age.
So when my husband found your body washed up here we thought you a gift from above.
We named you in homage to him, we treated you as a son and gave you much love.”
Vanessa cries as he leaves, of her real sibling she was too young and knew not that other.
She asks herself, “did I keep my virginity only to lose a great brother?”

Alaric Part IV
A group of men lay dying, through the crowd spreads looks of horror.
Yes they were terrible, on this land they boroughed a deep sore.
But the king and his guard are cut so savagely by this brute.
Heard of this King’s procession, went and stood in way of the route.
They all know who it is, just one would take such drastic action.
Alaric covered in blood, this sight scares even those in his old faction.
A knife in his hand, and one foot is on an injured guards throat.
The torn up King and two others remain he has yet to smote.
With the twist of the ankle can be heard a sickening snap.
One remaining guard, right arm and leg severed, once set a trap.
This general was sure Alaric was shot twice from behind.
But there is no room for admiration, for fear fills his mind.
Alaric walks forward, the king begs mercy through broken teeth.
A spot on the pants shows Alaric he has pissed underneath.
With the blade’s metal handle at the King’s head he starts to smack.
On each impact the skin on the cranium bursts with a red crack.
With one arm the last left grabs the crown and at him starts to reach.
But no mercy will be shown, there is a lesson here to teach.
With a sword at the bruised stomach the warrior starts to cut.
A long scream is heard as it is pushed all the way through his gut.
Alaric looks at those around him who see death in his wake.
When he stares at a woman her and the parents start to shake.

Final Destruction Of Alaric
Between this family has opened a rift.
Though close together tragedy makes hearts drift.
On empty land nothing makes a harsh wind stop.
Death makes souls barren as a high mountain top.
Each hoe and scythe he grabs seems to weigh twice more.
The man gets sick much and muscles fast get sore.
Muscles really are still strong in his shoulder.
The air this month has not become any colder.

What weakens Leo is one son gone and one that he gave.
Such a fool to think, “who cares about the king, just behave.”
A familiar silhouette makes him ignore flies that swarm.
Breeze hits him once more but somehow the wind has become warm.
On the hills he sees a rider though knows it is a ghost.
At each dusk Leo spots the outline of one he loved most.
Something has changed; the shape grows closer, the horse is flying.
Realizing this is no illusion Leo starts crying.
A man jumps from the horse saying “I will not leave again.”
Leo says, “What is your name?,” He responds, “It is me Wren.”