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Thread: Alive

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    How am I still alive?
    Even this fact I do not know.
    I've tried my hardest to work,
    and the world has hated me so.

    I've been trampled,
    and punched and kicked.
    I've been wrecked and,
    tossed at the wayside.

    I've been hated by many,
    and loved by few....
    Only do I have a chance,
    to do what I do.

    I am still living,
    and still alive.
    A small hope in me,
    is slowly dying.

    Those who decieve me,
    decieve me no more.
    Talking about a certain person,
    a certain family and a certain whore.

    But i have a few that believe,
    that i can live my life my way.
    I'll continue to fight it out,
    'till I get what i deserve one day.

    I'll be the one that laughs,
    in all thier faces soon.
    I just hope my ex-girl,
    takes out for whom she's suppose to.

    Death and destruction await,
    and too bad I'm not there to see
    I've still alive and thankful for that,
    but I'll watch them burn in eternity.

    Those that scorned us,
    and left us to in a death dive.
    I yell this to you,


    Far be it for me to be anything special, when the only special thing I desire with me, is the special person I share my gifts with.

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    Re: Alive

    O...k... It got a little crazy there. But its all good... it sounded like that "crazy" stemed from alot of pain. If you asked me, we all should be allowed to snap out every now and again.

    This reminds me of a talk I had with a friend of mine a couple days ago. He said "Every day I wake up, and I'm still alive... its a good day.."
    ... Not Ever Again...

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