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Thread: All For Michael

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    All For Michael

    We all know Michael Jackson passed away recently. I was a huge fan of him and this a poem I wrote in his memory. Call it what you want but to me Michael was an inspiration and a kind-hearted person, please enjoy...

    A single man with many walls
    when he was down he would often fall

    He brought upon smiles among many faces
    he was widely talked about in many places

    His music was great his dance was better
    he brought all sorts of people together

    He faced many battles during his time
    continuously accused of committing a crime

    When he broke free of his mold
    the time flew by and he grew old

    His fame and kindness will always be
    something more than a memory

    The day he passed was a sad one indeed
    this might be getting hard to read

    Michael Jackson you were a great man
    rest in peace in the promised land.

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    Re: All For Michael

    Thank you. This poem honors a great entertainer. The tabloids and media have been so critical of him and his legacy. Everyday there is something about him. I wish they would let him rest.

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