Of all things to fear, we fear the most inevitable.
We fear the only thing we can not avoid. Death.
Yes we can waylay it, and some of us can even cheat it.
Eventually it will come for us, there is nothing we can do.
Except... One. Tiny. Little thing.
Enjoy the life we have. Live it the fullest, love the people around us.
Life maybe short, but the joy that we have is even shorter.
Our lives are full of ups and downs.
Full of strife and sorrow, but even still you'll find a reason to smile.
A flower in bloom, a young child's laugh.
Even in some cases, playing an MMO and whooping some---
Err... I don't think I can say that word.
See. Made you smile.

If that didn't make you smile... Well.. To you! I tried.