"When there is hope there is light, When there is light there is hope"
Our heart discerns happiness eternally
It was a bliss for us to became classmates

Our smiles overflows at the first day of school
With our smiles we painted our classrooms with the colors of serene beauty of fools
A fool of time, that is me, I gradually intertwine my life with your lacing grace and beauty
We shared experiences, chatted down for stories, sharing secrets, revealing secrets

Many of our classmates have cried and many of our classmates comforted them away
In a close call with one clean smile, the day breaks with extreme happiness and serenity
Goodbye!, a common word that expresses that someone is leaving pr going away soon
Reluctantly at the turning point of our lives we became twinkling stardust that contemplates well with all odds

The sparrow flies away swiftly in the still blue sky
A meandering thought in our minds at that time
From now on we will walk our different paths but we may walk the same path again in the mere future
The pristine blue sky told us to band together to achieve our goals and dreams, together we achieve all of it and we reached our extreme happiness in life
Thank my dear classmates for it was a wonderful school year for me and also for all of us!