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Thread: Angels Among Us

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    Angels Among Us

    Her room was dark and silent
    just settling into the deep night.
    The world outside was no doubt filled
    with madness and grotesqueries
    dreamed up by the coldest child molesters
    of death row.

    Even now she could feel her blood roiling
    inside her temples. Telling her to run,
    farther away than she had ever imagined.
    Outside bombs exploded,
    but outside was the other side of her door.
    And soon, daddy would come.

    Do you see it? The blood dripping down my leg, but oh I love my Papa dearly.
    the love you withhold is the pain you carry.

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    Re: Angels Among Us

    ..... I heard you don't like dots....

    This was really explosive and disturbing to me. I thought it'd be suitable to begin a short story. Those first six lines. Boy o boy. They really created quite a setting. Some haunting imagery. It certainly was moving... all be it unmfortable.

    Way to lighten thing up around here! lol
    ... Not Ever Again...

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    Re: Angels Among Us

    It seems very real.. I feel like I can relate in some way but yet at the same time it seems so different.. It's unique and I like it a lot. Please continue.
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