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Thread: Angry

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    Warning: This is not a love poem. Its not happy as the title implies. If you don't want to read it or don't like anger leave now. This was written specifiaclly to smite someone from my past, so beware. Thanks!:

    I can't believe I trusted you!
    Nothing but useless scum that I should have left behind long ago
    I'm angry at you, true
    But more so I'm angry with myself

    Think about it
    Once I protected you
    With everything I had
    Suffered humiliation because of you
    Only to come home feeling empty and unwanted

    In my heart I knew
    That you didn't accept me
    But I couldn't accept that fact
    That you just couldn't be the one
    Who would shelter me in times of trouble
    Be the one who I would find my home in

    But no!
    I believed in you
    Well you can't spell believe without lie
    Because thats what I got from you
    What you so frequently gave me
    Lies, lies, lies

    I gave my heart to you
    Shared almost every secret
    Always humble, always demure
    Taking the abuse day in and day out
    I was so stupid back then

    I think about the scars you carved into my heart
    That will never heal under my care
    They make it so hard to trust again
    To open up to anyone
    No matter how much I want to

    You made me into a monster
    Lacking the true emotion that I crave
    Believing no one
    I have become an abomination of this world

    But even though the scars run deep
    And sometimes I can feel them trying to reopen
    But they are healing under someone's care
    That, I am thankful for

    Now I can say that I'm no longer used
    Never abused
    Treated with tenderness
    Istead of being hated like a criminal

    And for that
    I am thankful

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    Our love will go on until the end of time. I will always be yours and you will be mine.

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    Re: Angry

    I really love this poem. Showing the scares that someone so close to you gave when you put everything out into the open. Yet they abused your trust and hurt so deep that you can never fully heal from them.

    It really was a written poem NevesElocin. One that I did enjoy reading because I felt the same way about someone too. Being used is never easy yet sometimes we blinded by our own feelings to realise what is going on till it is too late.

    It really is one of the best poems I have seen, thank you for sharing it
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    Re: Angry

    Oh man, this poems just rocked my socks!!!!!
    You express you anger very clearly here and I absolutely love it

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