here it is my poems ^.^ :

To be pushed of the edge, to fall down far, can I flap my wings at all? I try my hardest but I fall down strait. The ground comes near; I can see death in the face. I flap a few times, but to no prevail; I hear my bones crack, my kin begin to wail. A cat comes next to finish the job, I have only a few more seconds, and I like to tell. I ate my sister’s worm back in the nest. I hope it will be quick for I am in much pair. I hope now that I now will not go to hell.
-The fall

Over and under, all around I fly. You will never understand a feeling unless you feel it. I’m in hunger for there is nothing to eat. There may be bugs but the burrow to deep; the bark tastes to sour and the water is frozen. I can not warm my body up, even if I move quickly. I’m losing the battle with winter, I’m losing ground. I will most likely be dead before the sun comes around.
-Starvation in winter
My prey comes and goes, I have no fear. Nothing can kill me, but old age comes near. I have fought many battles, won but a few. I dear say that I know; I will now win the one with you.
-The old barracuda

I’m but a water-bug, the noble of few. I’m of the royal blood of Montague. At this time of day the huge rocks fall from the sky, they cause tidal waves that kill many of my kind. The lesser water-bugs want to be protected; but I say that today I should not worry of them, but of I.
-The royal Water-Bug

I weave in and out of the reef, but its eyes are always watching. No matter how confusing my patterns are it always knows where I will be; that the eyes of a barracuda will never be surpassed. I hope to live another day, but that does not seam likely. If I do die today may my little fish soul may rest in peace, but a meal first would be nice.

My name is Mondor I’m a Condor. I fly lazily about around the rock cliff. There is something dead, but ravens are there. I do not like to fight.
-Condor the Mondor

Down in the ground, I burrow all around. The dirt is thick, but my claws are quick. My kin are about, and the young are sound. I wonder if I’m going up or down. There is one way to tell; burrow strait ahead brings me to the bright and everlasting light. I turn back down, for there are enemies around.
-burrow down ye mole

Bounding full and free all; around the mighty tree I am neither glad nor sad, I am just me. I do not fly and I try not to walk. I just leap and bound all around. They watch and stare; I do not care. They come all the time and they’re all up there. My mother is sick, my father is throwing a fit; for they came and took her. They came out of a rock. They pointed a stick, and she fell to the ground without a twitch. They dragged her off, my father the puts did not even try to save her.
-Monkey zoo a zoo monkey

Walk a lot, talk a lot, sleep a lot, but. Those are the things humans do, does that proclaim to me or to you?

The usual day in this enclosed place. I will be doomed to go in the same pattern. There is no change in this place; but always outside of it. Things always come past, their flow never creases. I do not know how I got here but I do remember my home land. I wish I could go back to it.
-ooo ztter

I’m a human that is no question; I am not anything else. I make mistake like the rest, I hope I can do better to surpass my best. I can’t change who I am, no matter how I try; I am myself and myself is I.

I come from my sleep; how long have I been in the ground? I feel the warmth all around, my kin start to wake and sprout from the ground. I might to survive, who can tell. If I do survive then I can mate and fall dead to the ground. This is our life; I do not expect you to understand. But these times of life are meaning less now.
-cicada; summer a day

I’m a seal so slippery and sleek. Gliding through the water is too much fun; the thing that gives me food is calling, it wants me to come up and “perform” to its fellow things. I’m captive here, but I do not want to go. It is too much fun and there are predators out there. So I come up from the water to do a walk; I clap my hands and that is all.
-seam swil

Climb up high,
Fall back down,
Otter to be free,
Seal to be slave,
Cicada goes up,
Mole goes down,
The water-bug who does not care,
The condor that does not fight,
Who are you?
What will you be?