As the days pass
I think of you
and my to meet you
one day

As the days pass each
night I end up dreaming
wondering how our meeting
would go
The anxiety building up
inside waiting to burst

Though unfourtunatly
another kind of anxiety
builds up
as the school days
though seemingly endless
pass by as quickly
as the leaves fall off
trees in the dead of winter

I don't want the school year to end
but even though it will be my/our
last year in high school
I'm nervous
Heck, I'm even scared
of what I don't even know

As I write this lovely
poem I'm still getting
a little anxious and
slightly worrisome
of what the future itself might

But enough worrying of the future
It's time to look on the present
I wish I could spend our 3 month anniversary
in some sort of way...

This poem I wrote or am trying to write is for my boyfriend of 2 months...soon to be 3 as of Jan 8th. This is only a rough draft and I need a little help. Tell me what you guys think of it so that I can rewrite it.