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Thread: Another drink?

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    Another drink?

    Another drink.

    I can't tell weather it is a shame...
    ...Or a blessing.

    And as a somber, dizziness just barely begins
    to embrace my being.
    Incompass my soul.
    Molest my mind.
    The lingering thoughts of "how?",


    How is that I've come to see....
    Closer now, than ever before.
    A perspective nearer to that
    beheld by his glossy brown eyes

    I've stared so deeply into.
    Looking for answer.
    Only to find a soul long out of my reach.
    Only to find nothing.


    And the answer?
    Found in a prayer, like my thousands gone seemingly unheard.
    Found in a hand outstreatched. Waiting for my grasp.
    Just like the hand of my own... left cold.
    The answer, is in the offer I refuse.
    Just as no one has taken me up on mine.
    In the bottom of the glass.
    The bottom of the line.
    I'm crying... but I'm fine.


    The key to realizing
    why I am unwanted.
    I could never find in his eyes.
    But only in the irony of not wanting to be wanted.
    With all my pathetic efforts, I'm haunted.
    How could I have been so blind?
    Looking for something, where there's nothing to find.


    I would never be setteling for you.
    I am finally free.
    I no longer want anyone to settle for me.
    Dont try as hard as I have tried.
    or you'll find yourself worth only your tears.
    No hands to hold.
    Abandon from warmth, till you seek out the cold.
    I am your cold.
    He is mine.
    We seek love.
    In palces we know we know there is nothing to find.
    Your nothing.... is me.


    My... Nothing is in the bottle now.
    Nothing in the bottle ever.
    Another drink?

    ***yeah, this wasn't supposed to rhyme, but it did anyway in parts. Can't help it... I hope its at least interesting.
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    Re: Another drink?

    Very well felt. The thoughts behind this poem are a little cryptic, but the feelings are loud and clear. That may be exactly how you were feeling though. It really does a good job of bringing me into the poems little world.
    "Don't judge my book by its cover, because my story is just as f*cked up as any other."

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