The birds of night are out on their prowl.
Darkness is cut by a gray wolf’s howl.
Dark clad men meet to make deadly deals.
They have no more way to pay the bills.

It is just another night.
Some go do wrong, some are doing right.

The band sets up at the local bar.
They pull instruments from their small car.
Their lead guitar player is the star.
Hopes he can work a crowd and guitar.

It is just another night.
Some look for luck, and others a fight.

In the fog comes the guards of the street.
Cops enforcing the law walk their beat.
In dark, men march to another drum,
Especially liquored up on rum.

It is just another night.
The sun is down and neon burns bright.

Your angel talks on the side of bad.
The cute sex workers will drive you mad.
You cannot be in those clothes in sun.
The light is coming so you best run.

It is just another night.
Let that beer hinder judgment and sight.