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Thread: another sad poem

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    another sad poem

    this poem i made its kind of sad and stuff i hope u like guys im sorry if it has sometrhings that are not right i gess. its a poem that s more about meaning so yeah ^_^.

    waiting next to the phone i waited patiently,

    checking my emails looking for a word of her,

    such sadness fills my heart to not hear her tonight,

    have my sins cought up to me, have my mistakes

    finaly delivered me to this hellish place,

    i waited hours waiting for something that might tell me

    why she hasn't called why she hasn't written, someone

    giving me an oppurtunity to ask why, finding that

    she went in a trip with out a note saying why,

    worriedness comes to my heart with sadness,

    and yet even as God is next to me i feel the sadness,

    praying that she might be ok, unable to let sleep take me

    i worried endlessly, it makes me wonder should i

    do the same...no i cant i love her too much, letting the

    first tear fall make a path for the others to follow,

    suddenlly im unable to control anything anymore

    she makes her own choices like everyone,

    falling to depression over something so small

    but im afraid...i dont want to loose her,

    im so afraid...afraid not only of GOD

    but to be alone in this world with out her,

    i must be strong i must...GOD is with me...

    i miss her with all my heart and so all

    i do is wait for her counting the seconds....
    death is not a final goodbey...but...a see you later.
    by me ^_^.

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    Re: another sad poem

    Oh man, i love this poem. The best one that can relate to my
    situation now. Being so far with someone you love is
    so hard and lonely. Sometimes you don't know what to do
    to make the days go faster, it makes you crazy and all...
    but still, there is nothing you can do until you see each other
    again... waaahhhh!!! (T_T)

    If you don't like me, it's mind over matter.
    I don't mind and you don't matter

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    Re: another sad poem

    This is a good poem. I really like it.
    It is sad and depressing when you
    can't see them.
    Well I hope to see some more of your poems.
    I really like them.(^.^)

    ~Falling in love one step at a time~

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