To those of you,
for whom i didn't contact.
and those that i never ever,
to to get back at.

to those of you,
that liked me so...
but couldn't get me,
cause i was in love so no...

to those that didn't really,
get to know me...
and understood that who i was,
didn't turn out to be me.

those of you that thought,
i was stupid and dumb.
and to that very special one...

i'm so sorry that i couldn't,
do things right this time.
and i say all of this,
in a pethetic little ryhme.

i'm sorry that i couldn't,
get over my old life...
and now i'm going back to it,
cause it's the relief of my strife.

to those of you,
that are fickle of my return,
and those that are hurting,
cause you i did burn...

cast me away if you like,
or accept me so....
but either way... i'm back...
and i'm unsure if i'll stay or go....


"The White Rose is dead, the Shade is gone too... not even a seedling anymore... so what am i to do?"