Our world is such a useless place
Full of jerks and sob stories
Hours of broken banter on nothing

Where children are raped
And where no seems to care
They seemingly laugh

With humility and grace forgotten
Replaced by rage and superiority
When what is needed is not power

Agonizingly close to what is feared
People are becoming the criminals they punish
Turning into those morbid monsters

Disguised with pretty colors and glittery eyes
Hiding in your mother and her close friend
Slipping beneath the surface

To simply say the wrong word
Or place a misplaced stare
A beast risen from nothing

The threshold is thin
The door which they flow through wide
And their means of escape endless

Tyranny is the motto of today
And blood is the banner
Dead children as fuel

Dark rage as a vehicle and
Cold glances as a goodbye
What a true farce

There is no salvation for the future
We cannot atone for the pain caused
We can only wallow and wait

The tomorrow is dark and scarlet
Humans have tainted the good
Turned the key on the locked cage

We have turned the knife
You have pulled the trigger
I have laughed at the blood.

God damn... people are such hateful beasts. I hate you all, everyone hates me. It's an endless circle of made anger and it can't be stopped.

I just want to cry so much, cry for the dead and for those who will die. For those who kill and enjoy it, but they won't let me. People say that no one alone can change the world, everyone tells me to stop being nice and just give up.

Fuc you. Fuc you. Fuc you.

I'll never give up. I will make the world better, without any of your red help, you bastards.