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Thread: Arise(made thiswhen I went to visit my grandfather's grave)

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    Arise(made thiswhen I went to visit my grandfather's grave)

    Lord knows each time that I have fallen,
    He's heard each time that I have called him.

    And I know that He didn't let me dangle,
    For he lovingly sent me an angel.

    A thing of beauty beyond all reason,
    She came to me in the Changing Season.

    Lord, you know I love her so,
    Like you, she shows me where to go.

    I know that I have always fallen,
    Others don't hear when I am callin.

    But I will arise, I promise you,
    My angel shows me what to do.

    I've sunk in sand and fell in mud,
    And swam in insults that are floods.

    I've fallen in those holes so deep,
    And been deprived of love and sleep.

    But I will fight, I will arise,
    I'll sing beneath a moonlit sky.

    My tired hand my angel takes,
    And gone are all my worldly aches.

    I've known the pain of lies and scorn,
    I've seen all those whose hearts are torn.

    And though the mocking won't ever end,
    I'm strong due to my angel friend.

    Like a shining star or gentle hug,
    She keeps me safe and warm and snug.

    I've laid in caverns dark with fear,
    And hoped that someone would appear.

    I can't stand to lie down and die,
    I won't give in, I will arise.

    If I had wings, they have been broken,
    They will heal through cruel words spoken.

    But sometimes, they don't remember how to fly,
    So my angel friend helps me arise.

    Will of iron and heart of gold,
    Through thick and thin and young and old.

    This angel of God will have my back,
    Protect me under fierce attack.
    Just when the starry, moonlit skies,
    Seemed out of reach, I realized.

    Above me, crimson wings a beatin',
    My angel friend was whisp'ring sweetly.

    She smiled at me and didn't let me die,
    She flew me up, I did arise.

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    Re: Arise(made thiswhen I went to visit my grandfather's grave)

    Hmmm. Some of the wording is very nice. And then it just gets boring.
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    Re: Arise(made thiswhen I went to visit my grandfather's grave)

    I like the begining, but by the end it seems drawn out... I like your rhyme though. ^_^ It did get a little boring the longer it went, because it couldn't keep my attention. Long poems do that if it doesn't hold my attention. ^_^ Can't wait to read more.

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