Catastrophe, injury; Humanity.
Dictation, destruction; Humanity

Can you find the peace?
Lay down your pleas,
Lay down your hurt.
And cut the pain with love.

Sticks and bricks break skin,
Our heartless thin grins,
Spread teeth of destructive assurance.
Cradling the facade of deceits insurance.

Twirling, twirling, lace fitted dresses,
Pressed tresses matted with blesses
Kissed with misfit lit streets of hate.
Broken, bottled glass bombs create.

Kiss the leaves of burnt trees,
And let the tears wash the ash away,
For barren and dead, the land burns,
Crafting nature’s creatures into wilt.

White shadows and broken promises,
Keep what’s kept from being lies,
Silence forgotten in forbidden atrocities,
Lost dead cities slip into the quiet.

Still, calm, our halos slip,
Worthless to lesser solace.
Blaming that which we create,
Oblivious to our self demise.